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Welcome to Mapprio

Hey, welcome to Mapprio - a free web-app aiming to improve the literature review process.
We have several goals, but our current is focusing on providing a tool for students and science enthusiasts to simplify the organization of literature and relevant material. To know more, you can keep reading here if you prefer that, but alternatively we have made a short interactive introduction if you'd like to get a little more 'hands on'.
You are of course also welcome to dive right into our site - just press the big green button, or browse around by the tabs.

What is mapprio

Mapprio is a mindmapping tool. But we have taken out all of the 'features' known from other types of mindmapping software, to make it simple.
Instead we've added in proper hierarchy support, meaning you can create structures of infinite layers and still be able to view it within a single screen.
This is very practical when you need to get an overview of large amounts of data, with lots of categories and subcategories - such as scientific literature categorised by branch, findings, author, or institution etc.
100 or a 1000 rows of excel data becomes just one screen of our mindmap.

Why though?

Two big things led to our decision of creating Mapprio. First of all, every person out there who has ever worked on a project with scientific literature sits on a goldmine of knowledge. Whenever you set out to start fresh on something, don't you wish you could just ask a professor in the field to get a headstart?
Not everyone knows an expert to ask for help, but imagine if you could also just ask all of them at the same time? Get right into the middle of the scientific consensus of the subject you're working with. And, get an overview of what's relevant, right from the start.

Search engines don't offer this. They require you to know stuff. They have a purpose, and they work to an extent, but they're not perfect for generating an overview.
So what we imagine is a place where people publicly share their knowledge of resources on a subject - when they were working on project X, what resources did they use and for what. This lets others immediately see what's what and be much better off from day one.

So that's 'big thing one'. Big thing two has to do with how most people handle their literature after they've found it. Around 40% told us they use excel or simply some type of document to write it down. In other words, it's being handled as a long list, when with modern tools we can do better.
Having to scroll over hundreds of lines of articles with some manually defined and executed indexation just seems impractical.

With our tool, all you have to do is name the topic, and add all the literature you've got. This can be indexed in any way you'd like - you can name your topic 'introduction' so you know these are articles to be used in the introduction. And even further, add a child topic to the introduction for various sections. It's all up to you, but we think it's really handy.

The introduction is here

We now have a very rough cut of our Mapprio introduction (step-wise tutorial) available here:

(yes, we insist)

Mapprio - Sep 8th 2017

Welcome to our new site!

We're excited to announce the launch of our improved platform.
The current state is what you could call a 'pre-alpha', meaning we're working towards an alpha release but it's not quite there yet.
But it's also no longer just a prototype.

Browsing around the site now, you'll be able to log in, start a project, setup your project with full functionality.
Some of the other features are not quite there yet, including:

  • Chatting - you're very likely to see duplicate messages. This is only on your side, and the message isn't sent twice
  • Comments are somewhat functional, but very likely to be buggy. Let us know how that goes

In addition to the above, we're working on a full site introduction to show what we're about. Give the page a go. Everything is safe so just play around as you please, and stay tuned for updates.

Mapprio - Aug 2nd 2017